Dragonfit Martial Arts has a diversity of events throughout the year for its members besides martial arts classes.  Summer camp, after-school program and we also host different seminars/workshops for our members and members of the community, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Food Drive for our community, DFMA Annual Summer Fun Event, Street Fairs, Demonstrations, Class in the Park, Buddy Week and much more.  For students and parents who  are competitive and wish to take their training a level up, Dragonfit is an active participant at championships at local, state, national and international level!.

Martial Arts Classes in Linden - Elizabeth - Roselle & Surrounding Areas

2117 Grier Avenue, Linden, NJ, United States   |  +1.908.486.4227  | DRAGONFIT@DFMATKD.COM

                At Dragonfit Martial Arts Academy we are patient and work  with each student to help them attain their own personal best. We teach effective self-defense skills and give you a personal development goal. Our instructors hold Kukkiwon certification, the internationally recognized World Taekwondo Headquarters. All of our coaches have a strict level 2 background check .

     Master Matias has recovered from two brain surgeries, due to brain aneurysms when she was in her early twenties. She was expected to recover about 60 percent of her movements, speech and vision but after one and half years of hard martial arts training, she has regained her health. After completing her two college degrees, she decided to dedicate her life to the martial arts. She has competed in numerous championships, earning 1st place in sparring at the 1997 Sun Baen Cup Championship, 1st place sparring at the 1997 and 1998 NJ State USTU Championship and 1st place sparring at 2001 WMAA Championship among other local tournaments. She holds a 5th degree in Tae Kwon Do.and is a mom of three awesome kids! .  

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